About the founder

Dr. Ken Street is the founder of Spirulina Grow Co.  He is an Agricultural scientist (BSc, PhD) who has spent most of his career working in international research and development.  The primary focus of his work was to collect and conserve humankind’s ancient agricultural biodiversity. 

Though his work, Ken has developed a keen interest in global food security and sustainability which sparked his passion for Spirulina.  Now living in Perth, he founded the Spirulina Grow Co and collaborates with the Algae Research and Development Centre at Murdoch University where he is an Adjunct Professor

Dr Ken Street as pictured in spirulina grow co website
Dr Ken Street - Founder

Follow Ken in an award winning documentary

His work to collect and conserve mankind’s agrobiodiversity attracted the attention of one of Australia’ best documentary makers who created an entertaining multi-award winning doco called Seedhunter, which follows Ken on one of his journey’s to collect ancient crop varieties in central Asia.  The following is a short intro to the doco.

"A well developed Spirulina production and processing industry that creates alternative livelihood opportunities in impoverished rural areas globally. "​

What we know

Civilization as we know it is at a tipping point.  There are an unprecedented array of challenges lining up that will seriously challenge our ability to produce enough food to feed the inhabitants of urban centers globally.  To put it bluntly we face a perfect storm that could cause a dystopia of apocalyptic proportions. We need a paradigm shift in how we feed ourselves.  Read more …

Further, we are dying in unprecedented numbers from out-of-control diseases that are mostly preventable.  The medical industrial complex is invested in cures (many of them only marginally effective) rather than preventative measure that include appropriate diet and lifestyle choices.  It is more profitable for them to feed us with  pharmaceuticals than to prescribe the use of foods with properties that have medicinal benefits or promote the avoidance of foods and eating habits that are the root cause of our most “popular” diseases.

What we believe

Everybody should have access to affordable high quality food.

Everybody should have the knowledge of and access to foods that have medicinal properties,  which can combat common life threatening diseases.

Spirulina has a significant role to play in global food security and human health.  We believe this because .

Spirulina is the most nutrient dense food on the planet, has a proven array of medicinal benefits, is climate change proof, has an extremely small environmental foot print and can easily be grown at home or upscaled to larger production systems


Our Vision

Growing Spirulina at home is mainstream – everyone does it.

A well developed Spirulina production and processing industry that creates alternative livelihood opportunities in impoverished rural areas globally. 

What we do

Promote the widespread domestic cultivation of Spirulina

Promote the cultivation of Spirulina in crisis situations where malnutrition is an issue.

Provide quality starter cultures and nutrients to facilitate the domestic cultivation of Spirulina.

Provide knowledge and expertise on how to grow Spirulina.

"Gosh, I can't wait to start growing my own spirulina!"​

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