1L Live Spirulina Culture & Fast Grow Starter Nutrient Pack

Live Spirulina Culture & Nutrients - The Essentials to grow your own Spirulina
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The 1000ml Spirulina starter culture and nutrients + Instruction Manual make a robust start. You will be harvesting your own fresh Spirulina in a matter of weeks.

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Our 1 litre live culture and starter nutrient pack along with the comprehensive instruction manual contain the essential components you need to get your Spirulina micro-farm established. With the live starter culture and a few easy to obtain items, described in the growing manual that comes with your purchase, you will soon be well on your way to producing all the fresh Spirulina you need to keep you and your family in excellent health.

With the 1 Litre starter culture, you establish your Spirulina micro-farm with trillions more cells, which is a very robust way to start because the culture is less vulnerable to begin with. This larger starter volume also allows you to establish 2 parallel cultures, so you have a backup if something goes wrong with one. What is more, you will be able to harvest your produce sooner than if you start with a smaller volume.

The growing manual describes, in easy to follow detail, what you need to do to grow up and look after your culture, so you can regularly harvest enough Spirulina to supplement your diet with the most nutritious food on the planet.

Growing Spirulina is Easy

Remember, growing your own live Spirulina is super easy and burns very little time (a few minutes a day, if that). Once established under the right conditions your Spirulina basically looks after themselves.

When you purchase your live Spirulina from us, you will also have ongoing email support and access to our private Facebook group, where you will find lots of additional information and support from a growing community of urban Spirulina farmers.


  •  A Litre of live Spirulina culture (mix of spiral and straight form) grown on food-grade nutrients under closely monitored conditions, including regular microscopic examinations, to ensure culture purity
  • High-quality starter nutrient pack, including iron and micronutrients, to make up to 50L of growth media
  • A detailed growing manual that contains all the information you need to grow a healthy thriving culture
  • Ongoing email support
  • Access to a private Spirulina growers group on Facebook
  • 1 Free culture replacement if something goes wrong (you pay the post)
Pure Culture

Before we ship the order we check the culture under the microscope to ensure you are getting a pure and uncontaminated product.

Growing Spirulina is Safe

Growing Spirulina is completely safe because it grows at such high pH values (+10) so there are very few harmful microorganisms that can infect your culture. Spirulina is grown all over the world and is recommended by development agencies, including the FAO, to be grown in poor rural areas of the world where malnutrition is a big issue.

Buying in Australia is better if you live in Australia

Spirulina gets its energy from the sun. Lack of sun due to long transit times associated with sourcing the culture from overseas can in some cases lead to culture death (it has happened to me). That’s why it’s better to source your live starter culture from the country you live in.

What’s more, in most countries, it’s illegal to import biological material without declaring it to customs. If customs do check your package and find the live culture, they will definitely confiscate it. You can get cultures through, but you do risk losing them.