The Essentials Spirulina Farming Kit


The gear to grow

For such a high value yield, you don’t really need a lot of equipment to get results. To save you time and shopping hassle, we bundle the essential items you need into 2 classes of kit so you can hit the ground running.  The harvest equipment in the quantities you need to reap the rewards of your effort are offered here at prices that are probably lower than you can buy from elsewhere.

“I purchased 500ml of Spirulina from Ken at Spirulina Grow Co. I am so impressed with his extraordinary after sales service I felt compelled to write an endorsement. Ken really does go the extra mile in ensuring that you will be a successful Spirulina grower. He was more than willing to answer all my questions, his knowledge and experience is most impressive. I can thoroughly recommend Spirulina Grow Co, you will not be disappointed.”

Stephen Friederich (Customer)

The Essentials Spirulina Farming Kit

This 14-item kit contains the essential items you need to start producing and harvesting an endless supply of your own own fresh Spirulina, easily and cheaply. The kit comes with a comprehensive cultivation guide, full after-sales phone, and email support and a 30-day money back guarantee.  You cant go wrong.

Price includes GST and shipping.



Get off to a flying start with this essential’s kit that contains all the items you need to build up a thriving micro-farm.

The kit consists of the following items:

10L food grade plastic container to get your culture started in.

500ml of Live Spirulina Seed Culture (mixture of straight and curly forms)

4 x 10L packs of Fast Grow Starter Nutrient Mix

Aquarium Air pump

1.5 m of silicone air tube

Inline air valve

Suction cap

50-watt aquarium heater

Digital thermometer with probe

600mm x 600mm 44-micron harvest cloth

Easy to follow Cultivation Guide (on-line)

Ongoing after-sales phone and email support

Express post to your doorstep

30-day money back guarantee

The cultivation guide

The online cultivation guide describes in easy to follow, step by step detail, what you need to do to establish and then look after your culture, so you can regularly harvest enough spirulina to supplement your diet with the most nutritious food on the planet.  As we get feedback we regularly update the Guide to make it clearer and more informative.

After-sales support

When you buy from us you become part of our Spirulina Growers fraternity that we value and look after.  We are always available to answer your questions and queries.

Growing Spirulina is easy peasy.

Remember growing your own live spirulina is super easy and burns very little time (a few minutes a day, if that). Once established under the right conditions spirulina basically look after itself.  All you need to do is kick back watch it get greener and greener and reap what you have grown.

Growing Spirulina is safe

Growing spirulina is completely safe.  The culture becomes highly alkaline (pH 10 +), which other microorganisms cannot tolerate. Spirulina basically sanitizes its growth media making it impossible for other organisms to grow in it. Remember,  Spirulina is grown all over the world and is recommended by development agencies, such as the FAO, for cultivation in poor rural areas where malnutrition is an issue.  Bottom line? Spirulina is completely safe to grow and harvest

Pure culture

Before we ship the order we check the culture under the microscope to ensure you are getting a pure and uncontaminated product.

Buying in Australia is better if you live in Australia.

Spirulina gets its energy from the sun. Lack of sun due to long transit times associated with sourcing the live culture from overseas can in some cases lead to culture death (it has happened us).  That is why it is better to source your live starter culture from the country you live in.

What is more, in most countries it is illegal to import biological material without declaring it to customs. If customs do check your package and find the live culture, they will definitely confiscate it. You can get cultures through, but you do risk losing them.


Did we mention that this is the only Spirulina kit shipping with a live culture offered in the Australian marketplace?

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