A few compelling reasons to cultivate your own fresh, raw, live spirulina.

On the surface the Spirulina Grow Co is about providing people with the knowledge and means to grow their own fresh live Spirulina. This is certainly true. We want you to buy our products and start growing fresh spirulina for your health and well-being, and for our prosperity.

But there is more. There is a deeper why. There is the small matter of the survival of of civilization as we know it. The Spirulina Grow Co intends to start a conversation about spirulina (and algae in general) and how it has a role to play in a sustainable healthy future.

Then there is the growing epedemic of serious diseases, many of which are preventable and caused by lifestyle choices.  What if you could easily and cheaply grow something that has a powerful set of proven medicinal benefits that can help your body fight some of these illnesses and stay vibrantly healthy?

Spirulina is a nutritional powerhouse

Fresh spirulina can be added to most dishes  both savoury and sweet. Discover the fantastic range of proven health benefits of eating your own fresh spirulina –click here or on the image to find out. 

Spirulina has proven medicinal benefits

There is a solid body of scientific research that has demonstrated a staggering range of medicinal benefits associated with ingesting spirulina.  Click on the image to discover the staggering range of illnesses and conditions that respond to taking spirulina.

Good ecological reasons for growing spirulina

For a whole variety of reasons spirulina is one of the most ecologically sound food production system on the planet. Discover why growing spirulina contributes to a greener, healthier world. Click on the image.

There is a deeper reason that we are committed to promoting the urban farming of spirulina:

We love growing spirulina and we think you will too!

Start growing fresh spirulina for your health and well-being, and for our prosperity.

Are you ready to feel great?

Start by growing your own FRESH live Spirulina.

You can have an endless supply of the world’s most potent superfood with PROVEN health benefits. It’s EASY to grow. We’ll show you how to get RESULTS fast. Have a 12 piece Spirulina Farming Kit delivered to your doorstep. Includes 1000 ml of live culture.

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