After harvest nutrient pack (1 kg) for Spirulina cultivation


Quality nutrient formulations to get things growing

Unlike gardening, cultivating Spirulina  doesn’t take a lot of effort. Spirulina is a very robust organism and basically looks after itself. However, while Spirulina is amazing it is not magic, you have to feed it to get it growing and after you harvest it to get regrowth.  Our nutrient starter and feeding mixes, free of heavy metals,  are formulated to give maximum growth. 

“I purchased 500ml of Spirulina from Ken at Spirulina Grow Co. I am so impressed with his extraordinary after sales service I felt compelled to write an endorsement. Ken really does go the extra mile in ensuring that you will be a successful Spirulina grower. He was more than willing to answer all my questions, his knowledge and experience is most impressive. I can thoroughly recommend Spirulina Grow Co, you will not be disappointed.”

Stephen Friederich (Customer)


After harvest nutrient pack (1 kg) for Spirulina cultivation

1 kg of pure high quality post-harvest feeding formula for rapid and healthy regrowth  of Spirulina.

Enough to grow approximately 3 kg of fresh Spirulina.

Price includes GST and shipping.



After you harvest spirulina, for the culture to grow and replace what you have harvested, you must feed it with the essential minerals and nutrients required for healthy vigorous growth.

The nutrient salts and compounds used in this special formulation are of the highest quality and are free from contaminants and heavy metals.

1 Kg is enough to produce roughly 3 kg of fresh spirulina

What you get:

1 x 1 kg Packet of pure nutrient salts

1 x 50 ml vial of chelated iron and quality trace elements

1 x Instruction sheet.

1 x plastic eyedropper

This nutrient mix is a modification of the growth media formula promoted by Antenna Technologies which is used all over the world.

Note: this offer does not include the live spirulina culture. 

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